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JUNE 1 - SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 

This very special exhibition marks the first major event in celebration of the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum’s 30th Anniversary. The UMLAUF opened in 1991, thanks to a major gift of land and sculpture from Charles Umlauf (1910-1994) and his wife Angeline (1915-2012). The UMLAUF has since welcomed over a million visitors from all over the world who enjoy tranquility, art, nature, public, and private events on our six acres in the heart of Austin.  


The 30 x 30 x 30 exhibition reveals countless surprises, a result of our curatorial team’s request to borrow 30 objects by Charles Umlauf from 30 private collections. The number quickly flew past 30, thanks to the incredible generosity of all the lenders and proud owners of Umlauf’s works. Nearly everything in the gallery is on temporary loan to the Museum, creating a unique opportunity to exhibit the wide range of Umlauf’s styles, materials, and compositions during his six decade career.   


Umlauf moved to Austin from Chicago in 1941 to become a Professor of Life Drawing and Sculpture at the University of Texas. The earliest works in the gallery date to the early 1940s, when he explored poignant, expressionistic themes that were strongly influenced by the raging second World War. His 1950s style tends to be more balanced and classical, even allegorical, as seen in the stoneware Muse. In the 1960s and 1970s, Umlauf grew increasingly interested in dance, sensuality, and the human form. 


Please stay tuned and check our website during the 30 x 30 x 30 exhibition to join us for one of many events, such as public tours of the Garden and exhibition, home and studio tours of the private Umlauf property, walking tours of UT Austin (where Umlauf taught for 40 years), and a live bronze pour, among other events. 


We are honored and thankful for the collectors who have graciously lent their works for this momentous exhibition. We’re also indebted to our incredible volunteers and staff who will ensure that the UMLAUF will be here for the community for 30+ more years. 


This exhibition was made possible through the generous support of Mo and Richard Anderson, Russell Martin, Frances and Robin Thompson, George and Beverly Palmer, and the City of Austin. We are grateful for Steve Bosak’s volunteer assistance during installation. 

Exhibition Lenders

Diane Land and Mayor Steve Adler 
Greg Fawcett 
Stephen Fenoglio 
Mary and William Finch 
Anne Giles 
Connie and Allen Green 
Patty and James Huffines 
Jonathon Todd and Dale Huggins 
Geralyn and Mark Kever 
Kimberly Kohlhaas 
Russell Martin 
Contessa and Greg McPike 
Mary and Bill Mitchell 

Barbara Nau  
The John L. Nau III Collection of Texas Art 
Betsy Nelson 
Beverly and George Palmer 
Charles Peveto 
Michelle and Rex Poole 
Julie and Richard Schechter 
Christie Wise 
Scott Wise 
Linda and Gus Voelzel 
UMLAUF City of Austin Collection 
UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum


Exhibition Events

Image Gallery

Exhibition Brochure

Please take a look at our educational brochure, written in conjunction with the UMLAUF exhibition.

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