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Solstice Soundscapes

Solstice Soundscapes offers a restorative experience, seamlessly blending movement and relaxation with the soothing elements of nature. Guided by somatic therapist Crystal Peña and music therapist Andrea Cortez, you'll embark on a journey of "listening to the body and the elements of nature."

Harp Yoga Sundays

Join us for a rejuvenating experience that harmonizes the art of movement with the therapeutic sounds of the harp, offering a truly enchanting escape from the ordinary!

Tai Chi in the Garden

In this Tai Chi workshop, participants will engage in Qigong sequences and Tai Chi form work that emphasizes intentional breath and movement. Known for its slow, gentle movements, Tai Chi has been shown to have numerous physical, mental and emotional health benefits, including improved strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular function, and mental clarity as well as reductions in stress and anxiety. Sessions are designed and personalized for beginner to intermediate levels. All levels of experience are welcome.

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