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Sculpture Sponsorship

Join our Museum as a Sculpture Sponsor to connect with the Garden in a whole new way!

30th Anniversary Sculpture Sponsorships 


The UMLAUF celebrates its 30th year in 2021! To honor this special anniversary, two very generous supporters, Danna and John “Crutch” Crutchfield, recently made an incredible gift to the UMLAUF in the form of a $35,000 Sculpture Sponsorship. The Crutchfields understood what a devastating toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on the museum and garden this year and decided to make a difference. With their donation, the Crutchfields gifted this Austin institution more than half of an entire month’s operating expenses. 


In years past, Sculpture Sponsorship funds have been directed toward maintaining the collection, expanding educational outreach, and supporting accessibility efforts to ensure a welcoming space for every visitor. During the pandemic, the sponsorship funds must stretch far enough to accomplish every original priority but also cover losses incurred while the museum and garden were closed. These losses total nearly $300,000.  


There is a silver lining. The UMLAUF’s 30th Anniversary series of Sculpture Sponsorships is off to a strong start, kicked off by the Crutchfields and already joined by old and new friends, alike. We hope you will also help the UMLAUF weather the pandemic and celebrate its 30th birthday on a firm foundation.  

Sponsorship levels begin at only $1,000 and are a meaningful way to honor someone in your life, memorialize a loved one, or gain exposure for your company all while supporting an Austin original.



Danna and John "Crutch" Crutchfield, H-E-B, Pioneer Wealth Management, BEC Austin, General Contractor, Harry and Rubye Gaston Foundation, Moreland Properties, Ellen and Jody Hunt, Kathy and Colten Smith  

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