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Planning for the Future

The UMLAUF Historic Preservation, Expansion, and Unification Plan is a project to improve access to and expand the use of UMLAUF’s sculpture garden, museum, and grounds, while preserving and incorporating an adjacent site that includes the home of Angeline and artist Charles Umlauf, their private sculpture garden, and Charles Umlauf's studio. The plan also addresses environmental issues affecting the site and its surroundings. The UMLAUF is located adjacent to Barton Creek, near the Barton Hills and Zilker neighborhoods, and it has been affected by the same environmental and water concerns of the area, such as storm water runoff and surface pollutants.

Our Vision

After nearly a year of research, community engagement, and site analysis, we have a final plan in hand. The HPEU Plan includes a preservation approach for the historic Umlauf home and studio, improvements to current facilities, new buildings to unify the site, and environmental strategies.
This is a momentous and historical occasion for the UMLAUF, and we could not be more excited to share it with you.

Our Vision
Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2.44.43 PM.png

This plan was funded by the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum, the Austin Parks Foundation, and Nelie Plourde, and was made possible by a generous in-kind donation from Page architecture firm.

HPEU Plan Summary

HPEU Plan Summary

The HPEU Plan contains a lot of detail, and we know that can be overwhelming! We’ve put together a summary of the main sections of the plan, below. In addition to this summary, the table of contents on pg. 7 of the plan contains links directly to each topic covered. 

Why does this plan exist? 

The UMLAUF, in alignment with its mission, seeks to unite the 1985 Umlauf family historic homestead, a gift to the City of Austin from Charles and Angeline Umlauf, with the 1991 sculpture garden and a southern natural zone, creating a fully accessible 8-acre community space. Currently, only half of this property is accessible to the public. The HPEU Plan serves as a comprehensive guide envisioning a future sculpture garden and museum that provides diverse and equitable experiences for all of Austin, while preserving Charles Umlauf’s legacy and uniting the community with art and nature. 


Find more on this topic on pp. 9-14 of the HPEU Plan. 

Community Engagement Overview

The UMLAUF, in partnership with Page architecture firm, completed a community engagement process to gather feedback from the public and integrate the community’s needs into the plan. The community engagement strategies included:

• A public survey with 634 complete responses
• Tabling at community events across the city
• Five small group work sessions with representatives from arts and education groups, environmental groups, and neighborhood groups
• Four public events
• Four meetings with a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) consisting of subject matter experts on the various technical aspects of the plan.

A more in-depth look at the community engagement process and outcomes can be found in the HPEU Plan.

The UMLAUF will present the HPEU Plan to the below Boards & Commissions. The public is encouraged to attend the presentations, and can sign up to speak.
All meetings take place at City Hall at 6PM.

07/15/24 Arts Commission
08/07/24 Historic Landmark Commission
08/21/24 Environmental Commission
08/26/24 Design Commission
09/23/24 Parks Board

Community Engagement Overview

A Note from the Umlauf Family

Below is an excerpt from Angeline and Charles Umlauf’s original letter of intent for their gift to the City of the Umlauf home, studio, and private sculpture garden. Click on the image to read the full letter.

Umlauf original gift letter (1).jpeg
A Note from the Umlauf Family


July 2024 - Arts Commission gives early OK for city aid to expand Umlauf museum

Austin Monitor


July 2024 - Arts Commission asks for support for UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum expansion plan


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