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Planning for the Future

The UMLAUF Historic Preservation, Expansion, and Unification Plan is a project to improve access to and expand the use of UMLAUF’s sculpture garden, museum, and grounds, while preserving and incorporating an adjacent site that includes the home of Angeline and Charles Umlauf, their private sculpture garden, and the artist’s studio. The plan will also address the environmental issues affecting the site and its surroundings. The UMLAUF is located adjacent to Barton Creek, near the Barton Hills and Zilker neighborhoods, and it has been affected by the same environmental and water concerns of the area, such as storm water runoff and surface pollutants.

Community Engagement

The UMLAUF, in partnership with consultant Page, conducted a community engagement process to gather feedback from the public, and integrate the community’s needs and vision into the plan. The community engagement process included a public survey with 772 responses; tabling at community events; three small group work sessions with representatives from arts and education groups, environmental groups, and neighborhood groups; and three public events.

Click on the images below to learn more about each public session.

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