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Bronze Care Corps

Our Mission

The Bronze Care Corp’s mission is to provide individuals with the basic knowledge of bronze care, which they use to serve the greater Austin community by cleaning and waxing bronze sculptures. The team is composed of trained individuals who are dispatched by the UMLAUF to care for both public and private sculptures. Our objective is to make maintenance for bronze sculptures easily accessible to the Austin area.

How We Started

While caring for our own collection, the UMLAUF Staff noticed a significant shortage of trained individuals in the Austin area equipped to clean and wax bronze sculptures. Although conservators are necessary for detailed restoration work and specialized projects, the basics of washing and waxing bronzes can be done effectively by trained individuals. In response to this community need, we at the UMLAUF created a program aimed at reviving public and private bronze sculptures throughout Austin.

Meet Our Team

The Bronze Care Corps is led by the UMLAUF’s Curatorial Department, Katie Robinson Edwards and Amara Klemann. The team is comprised of individuals trained in bronze washing and waxing by local art conservator, Meaghan Perry. These individuals are required to attend the UMLAUF’s Bronze Conservation Workshop to learn and gain experience washing and waxing bronze sculptures.

UMLAUF Volunteers Avery Connett and Thomas Porter waxing Supplication (1966), by Charles Umlauf, 2023.

Madison Samford, UMLAUF volunteer, washing and waxing Spirit of Flight (1959) by Charles Umlauf, 2023.

How We Work

The Bronze Care Corps works first to clean off any dirt, bird droppings, dust, and other irritants off of the sculpture. We use a mild treatment of soap and water, and wipe down and gently scrub the sculpture with a sponge. After the sculpture is clean and dry, we begin waxing with Trewax Clear Paste, a hard carnauba wax recommended by conservators for its durability and versatility on different types of patinas. Once the wax is brushed onto the sculpture, it is buffed on using a cotton cloth. The end result is a consistent and saturated appearance that protects the sculpture from irritants and outdoor elements. 

Bronze Care Corps team at work:

Bronze Care Corps members Natra Aga and Nina Datz waxing Charles Umlauf’s Diver, February 2024.

Before waxing

After waxing

Have a sculpture that needs cleaning?
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Interested in joining?

To join the Bronze Care Corps and help us wash and wax bronze sculptures, please contact Amara Klemann at

Bronze Care Corps Handbook

For more information about the Bronze Care Corps, bronze, and lost-wax casting, please open the handbook below.

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