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Shaping Space is the Umlauf's after school outreach education program which sends teaching artists to schools across Austin.

Shaping Space Enrollment Inquiry
How would your describe your role?
How would you best describe your space?
Shaping Space uses a supply kit for curriculum. Do you have the capacity to organize and distribute kits to your participating students?
What Shaping Space Session are you interested in attending?

thank you!


"I love being a teaching artist for shaping space because it gives me the opportunity to let artistic freedom and creative problem-solving touch the lives of kids who may not otherwise get to experience it. Letting kids create 3D objects using both conventional and unconventional materials helps them practice not only art-making, but fine motor skills, engineering, use of tools, and so much more. Having the opportunity to bring these experiences to kids, and seeing how much fun they're having while doing it, is a true joy!" — Teaching Artist


"Students loved the instructor and were very engaged by the activities, while also learning basic art concepts. Some specific feedback was that the activities were really 'different and interesting,' 'things that they had never thought about before,' and 'let's me relax after a long day,'." — Shaping Space Site Coordinator

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