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Design Shine


The UMLAUF and AIA Austin are proud to collaborate on their first annual exhibition in the garden: Design Shine. Created to showcase emerging talent in the fields of architecture and design, the juried competition yielded three extraordinary installations from three local teams, each of which invokes the history and topography of the UMLAUF site.  Situated amidst Charles Umlauf's sculptures, Design Shine reinvigorates the visitor's experience with captivating, family-friendly sculptural art works. ​

Image Gallery

Exhibition Brochure

Please take a look at our educational brochure, written in conjunction with the UMLAUF exhibition.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and advisors

AIA Austin - Emerging Professionals

Ingrid Spencer, Executive Director, AIA Austin and Austin Foundation for Architecture

Luxe Interiors + Design

Marsi Puente, AIA

Danielle Smyth, Associate AIA

Jamie Crawley, AIA; HA Architecture

Charles Thompson, Archillume Lighting Design

Spectrum Lighting, Inc.

Hossley Lighting Associates

City of Austin Economic Development - Cultural Arts

Texas Commission on the Arts

Polaris - Team: Sergey Belov, Stephanie Belov, Scott Sadler

SEAS: Saint Elmo Architecture Studio

Marilyn and Bill Orr, Owners, Cedar Ranch

Susan Ho and Boris, “The Hammer”

Mike Beville, Dakota Hardwoods

Brian Birzer

Mark Schoppe

Ryan Jenkins

Rafael Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez

Lost Casts - Team: Alexandra Krippner and Toni Toscano

Samantha Hinrichs

Andrei Klypin


That's Cool Wire

Chris Nolan

Mark Sherman

You Are Here - Team: Irela Casanova and Ana Kurzan

Drophouse Design

Bruder Green

Chioco Design, LLC

Priscila López

Alan Álvaez

Armando Tijerina

Micklethwait Craft Meats

Angela Navarro

Scandinavian Spaces

Urban Spaces

Guaranteed to Wrinkle

Susto Mezcal

Tito’s Vodka

Fiesta Tortillas

Regal Plastics


Will Bryant


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