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Jesus Moroles: A Tribute

NOVEMBER 20, 2015 - MARCH 13, 2016

Jesús Moroles moved people through massive displays of granite—chiseled and smoothed to perfection, as well as his tremendous generosity, energy, enthusiasm, and boundless energy. His untimely death in June 2015 sent shock waves through the art world. With the help of the Moroles Studio in Rockport, Texas, the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum is honored to present his work in the exhibition Jesús Moroles: A Tribute. The exhibition runs from November 20, 2015 through March 13, 2016 and will feature sculpture, drawings, and models which Moroles used to create his work.


Today one of his most recognizable pieces, the 64-ton, 22-foot tall Lapstrake sculpture, sits at the CBS Plaza in New York City directly across from the Museum of Modern Art. Moroles is known throughout Texas for the Gateway Stele at Lubben Plaza in Dallas and the Houston Police Officers’ Memorial – the artist’s largest sculpture, an earthen stepped ziggurat extending above and below ground level and spanning 120 x 120 feet. 


He was a recipient of the United States National Medal of Arts in 2008, received the 2007 Texas Medal of the Arts Award for Visual Arts, and was the 2011 Texas State Artist for Three-Dimensional work.


Thank you to Suzanna Moroles, Kurt Kangas, and the Moroles Studio for co-organizing and installing this exhibition. Additional support was provided by Mo and Richard Anderson, Austin Portfolio Real Estate – Keller Williams, Ronald Cheng, Chinatown, the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, Mint Title Company, and Texas Cultural Trust.

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