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Studio Sessions

UAD: Studio Sessions is a month-long digital residency for Austin area musicians to connect with the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden+Museum as a site for creative inspiration.

UAD: Studio Sessions is a month-long digital residency for Austin area musicians to connect with the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum and Charles Umlauf's house and studio as a site for creative inspiration. A balance of interviews from Austin musicians, a live performance, and guided interpretation from Curator Katie Edwards, UAD: Studio Sessions merges the visual and aural arts to provide new perspectives on Charles Umlauf and his role in Austin's arts community, both in the past and present. 


Each month, UMLAUF will partner with an Austin musician or group to foster a dialogue between contemporary local performers and the history of the UMLAUF site. Through IGTV interviews and video, we’ll collaborate to examine creative culture and bring insight into the personal life of Charles Umlauf, our artistic processes as a community, and our connection to Austin as lifelong residents, return visitors, or transplants.


On the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm, the residency culminates in Studio Sessions, an intimate performance and livestream that pairs dynamic sounds from our resident artist with guided interpretation into UMLAUF works and spaces rarely on view to the public. Purchase a ticket to view the intimate performance in person, where you receive drinks and private access to Umlauf's house and studio.

In featuring live music from a diverse group of genres and communities, as well as rarely seen work explored by our UMLAUF staff, we hope to invite our patrons to better imagine themselves as part of Austin’s cultural capital, and to connect to creativity even during times of closure or isolation.

UAD: Studio Sessions, Sep.29 

American Dreamer

AMERICAN DREAMER is four gifted musicians who bring a heavy dose of strings to their unique blend of Indie-Folk. Each member – Courtney Castaneda, Dana Marie, Camille Schiess, and Sasha Klare-Ayvazian – contributes something distinctive to their rich and remarkable sound. The quartet’s music builds on relatable Folk songs, transformed through bold string arrangements (violin, cello, bass) and resplendent three-part harmony.

American Dreamer’s four members met while pursuing graduate degrees at the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas, Austin. They share a lifelong passion for crafting their art and using it to connect with urban and rural communities. American Dreamer strives to honor America’s deeply rooted Folk tradition while exploring contemporary elements that roll the genre forward.

American Dreamer has toured nationally and performed widely across Texas. In addition to frequent performances at festivals and noted Austin venues, the group appears regularly at schools, shelters, hospitals, and in rural communities.

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