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Charles Umlauf's Sketchbook

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 1.16.35 PM.png

Image provided by Claire Drummond


True to Form is a month-long teaching artistry series that explores the work of Charles Umlauf, his experimental and interdisciplinary forms, and his own role as a teaching artist at UT for 40 years. In this series, we invite four practicing artists into the Garden to reinterpret an UMLAUF work through their own artistic practice, and then reflect on that in an artistic skill building session with patrons. Four artists will unite under the same form or genre each month, but each week the styles and techniques will change from artist to artist, along the way reflecting on the experimentation seen in UMLAUF's own work in his nearly 60 years as an artist and a professor at UT.

$40 In-Person Session
$30 Zoom Session
Members get 10% off!

We'll investigate figure drawing. Juxtaposing Umlauf's sculpture and live Figure Drawing, patrons can experiment with different techniques, and compare and contrast the figures depicted by Umlauf with the live models and concepts drawn from the practicing artist.


Oct. 15

 Clare Drummond

Clare Drummond will join UMLAUF staff in a short discussion about her work in comparison to an Umlauf work, her style and its origins, and her own preferred process in her practice. Working alongside students in person and over Zoom, Clare will give a demo and walkthrough of how she approaches figure drawing with a live model, and then will work collaboratively with students to gain an understanding of how to experiment with our mode of seeing as artists and folks studying the figure.


Clare Drummond is an artist and graphic/landscape designer living in Austin, TX. She is a passionate believer in the power of environment and context to shape experience and uses drawing as a tool to document that process. Clare also co-runs the Austin-based Spend Time Zine Mart.

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