July 9th, 16th, and 23rd

Drawing is the foundation of any figurative artistic endeavor, because it trains you to really SEE proportion, line, negative space, and tonal value accurately. Once you learn how to reliably see these elements, and record the information, making the art you envision a reality becomes much easier. 

This workshop will be focused on learning skills to draw a portrait and capture the particular likeness of the model. During the class we will do specific daily exercises, with demos from the artist at the beginning of the class; line, structure, proportion, likeness, expression and atmosphere are going to be emphasized. 

The goal is to bring the artist closer to capturing the character of the subject, to know where to start and how to maintain proportion, to master a strong sense of light and shade, to really see accurate line. 


(Please note that you must register for each class separately)



July 9:

Start off with intro of artist, Brandon Campos will give a short bio of his training and art. Then we will move onto a one hour demo from the artist, with walkthrough of the thought process while working on the portrait, voicing his planning and concerns. After the demo the students will start on their own portrait, emphasizing accurate line and structure. 


July 16: 

Brandon Campos will draw a 30 minute demo will be done with new knowledge introduced to get the class started, then the students will begin on a new portrait. Developing ideas from the previous class 


July 23:

Brandon will start with short 20 min demo to get the class started again, then after some instructions the students will work on their own drawing the rest of the time time, with the artist walking around helping as needed, and giving feedback on students work.


We will provide everyone with materials, chairs, and easels, unless people would prefer to bring their own. Classes will be outdoors so be sure to bring plenty of water!



Brandon Campos is a local Austin painter. After graduating high school he began an apprenticeship with artist Edward Povey, whose work is been followed by the BBC, has been in galleries in over 10 countries, including New York, London, and recently Los Angeles. He was Edward’s Protégé for 5 years, learning skills that took decades to learn, drawing, painting, mural design, business, history, theory, and much more. Brandon then started painting commissions, exhibiting paintings, and making murals around Austin, starting with a mural at the restaurant Pieous towards dripping springs, and recently was in a group show with his wife Andrea Harper at Art at the Den. Brandon creates paintings which use images from disparate sources, bringing them out of the original context they were intended for, and attempts to give them a new perspective. Campos sources his material from newspapers, advertisements, books, old master paintings, and his own candid photographs, changing their style and meaning into something unexpected. He is primarily focused on reproductions of the early and late renaissance, combining those works with modern photographs and figures.


605 Azie Morton Rd.

Austin, TX 78704


Tuesday - Friday: 10-4

Saturday & Sunday: 11-4

Monday: closed