I wish I was a little bit taller
I wish to make just one perfect taco
More wishes
Testing 2
no more covid
More time!!!
hello out there
I wish
i wish for covid to go away
billionaire that helps others as I live my purpose
I wish for a joyous future with the man I love.
I wish that I get the job I just interviewed for!
i wish for a good board meeting
I wish to bring the Wishing Well back!
i wish the board a happy holiday
i wish marcel would come by
I wish the pineapple and Hyperreal would return!
happiness and healthiness for Austin
good health for all!
Green New Deal
Roman wishes for an amazing 5th birthday
The world is a happier place for our children
I hope everything gets better next year.
Hello J & D!
A better 2020!
I wish the world would become a better place - mljm
I wish health 4 my fam, pass the PE, and :)
I wish for more freelance opportunities
everyone to find inner peace and happiness
I wish William has a great day at work 💓
My husband has a great day 😘
Shirley: please apologize to set things right.
I want Shirley to apologise to the batista.
I want Kevin to find inner peace.
I want a dog
For full health for everyone
I wish for 20 million $ for hospitals
For everyone to get what they need right now
For COVID to be over!
For everyone to live happily
peace of mind for everyone right now
We wish for a safe holiday visit with our family!
May everyone be in the best health and have peace n
Happy arrival of our young adult family members!
I wish for health and happiness for all.
I wish people to join our tour with our docent now!
I wish for clarity!
I wish for a healthy steady stream at Austin Studio
I wish that JUICY butt wish would be hidden.
I wish we get this house
I wish I could get my hands on that JUICY butt
I wish for snow! ❄️
I wish the pandemic would end
I wish I could do in person ballet.🌺
I wish I could bring Maya, my cat, we're here.😺
I want for more soccer!
I wish Diane would get here!
I wish for a kiss
I wish for a delicious meal tonight.
I wish for snuggles
I wish Marshmallow would come by today.
My bunny rabbit would let me hold him!
It happens
I wish for peace and happiness
I wish for true love
I wish I could get the astral sea flowing again
I wish to stop feeling so lonely
For my appetite to return
I wish this uti would go away
pleasure for the oppressed, in abundance!
i wish for success, happiness and money.
I wish people cared about my art.
I wish someone would cancel my student loan debt
I wish happiness to my neighbors
I wish for everyone to have unconditional love
We need more happy
I wish you Jesus
I wish Frank would get 3 presents
I wish Frank would get 2 presents tonight
I wish Rambler would partner with UMLAUF.
I wish Lauren and Frank a long and happy life toget
I wish Alex would get a beer
I wish Lee would look at me. I love him so much.
I wish for love and happiness with my favorite guy
I hope for Bitsy and Frances’ happiness and joy!
A splendid debut for Design Shine
A wonderful Oculi and Parallel Flux opening!
Best house wins
Feeling fulfilled in work for all beings :,)
I wish for more hope.
I wish for Noah to find his path to happiness
Que Venezuela sea libre en 2020
For happy & healthy arrival of family this weekend!
I wish to live a long successful life :)
I wish to be a successful 3D artist
Happy, joyous and free. Healthy family.
I wish I had a genie
I wish for a hamburger!
i wish i was a fish
I wish my dumplings weren't cold anymore.
I wish this pandemic would be over
I wish I could get over myself for once, and yet...
Peace and love babay
I wish wishes came true <\3
I wish to grow up big and strong ~Baby Lio
I wish everyone knew how much they are loved
I wish for Tanuj to be free from Autism forever...
I wish for our country to heal
the purest love and happiness for everyone
I wish we could harness our egos as driving force
I wish we understood each other more
For Liz to achieve her dreams
I wish for a vbucks card!
I wish I lived in New Zealand
I wish we learn to coexist with nature more
I wish I could hear your thoughts.
For us all to have a safe holiday with loved ones
I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a bal
I wish for happiness and wealth
I wish to be comfortable with the uncomfortable
I wish for inner peace
That we take care of earth.
I wish everyone is happy
I wish for peace and harmony in the US.
To be happy.
I wish for more comfort and joy for my peeps.
I wish to return here with my friend one day again
I wish for you to have an awesome day
I wish my lAzy brothers would work.
Find my happy place no matter where I am
Mary Valadez & family praying for healing. Love you
For the cowboys to win - Noah’r
ODA HELLO hope you have a great day
Cool clothes for x mas
I wish to do good in school
I wish I hadda marshmallow
I wish to be a stronger, more connected family
That we are wealthy in health and joy
That my family will live in harmony & love God
I hope for the cowboys to win a Super Bowl-noahr!
I wish everybody could get along
I want to live happily ever after!
Valadez family we love you!!prayers for healing!
I wish the COVID Pandemic goes away soon.
For the noise to end
I pray that the guilt I feel goes away someday.
A stronger, more inclusive demicracy
I wish for Hope to triumph over cynicism
I wish for tight abs without working out.
Love, peace and happiness always for my kiddo
I wish for Leonor abs her family to come home
I want to be somebody important
I want a multi Million dollar house
I wish for love and acceptance to flow between all
Wishing for good health & safety for all ❤️😸
I wish for peace and happiness
I wish for a hamster 🐹
I wish for a new puppy.
I wish to have all the Taki’s in the world.
I wish that coronavirus was over.
I wish for cats like 10000 cats and kittens
I wish for Dr.pepper.
I wish I get raise
I wish for a MUCH better year in 2021
I wish I could speak with my grandmother again.
I wish for NO COVID and no meanness
I wish for ramen and scallions.👌
I wish for a tiny pineapple on a tiny chaise.
End to pandemic
i wish my love be long lasting and tender
World peace and Queso
Dream big.Sparkle more.Shine bright!
please don’t let me fall apart
Fuzz therapy with Marshmallow
I wish everyone got 2 b with the person they luv ❤️
I wish I could learn to love myself.
A peaceful transition of power
Wish the world with soon be free of Covid-19
I wish for a boyfriend
Where is marshmallow?!
I wish to get a ps5 for Christmas
Spend good times with my family and close friends!
I wish for a family
To travel to space in my lifetime.
World peace
Be very epic gamer
I wish the pineapple would come to life
Wish for happiness and Health
I wish 2021 will be a fantastic year !
I wish I was taller
I wish to be a knight when I grow up.
A handmade over/under shotgun