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Interior of Umlauf home c. 1960s




Umlauf Oral History Project


The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum is pleased to announce it is the recipient of The Baylor Institute for Oral History's 2019 Community Oral History Grant. 

For this exciting project, "The Gift: Preserving Charles Umlauf's Legacy Through Intergenerational Storytelling," an oral history team at the UMLAUF will capture interviews and insights from Charles Umlauf's family, students, museum employees and volunteers. By capturing anecdotes and valuable information from those who knew Charles Umlauf best, the museum can offer further information about the artists' creative practices and personal life. 


The UMLAUF hopes to one day share the captured oral histories by introducing audio guides to the outdoor sculpture garden for museum visitors.

Special Thanks to The Baylor Institute for Oral History and project interviewers for partnering with us on this important endeavor! 

Madelon and Lynn Umlauf. Photo by Cindy Hernandez.

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